Firepond by FPX

Give your business an enterprise-class CPQ functionality at one low price. All we need is your data and two weeks.  All you need is Firepond by FPX.

When it comes to selling efficiently and effectively, mid-size businesses face many of the same challenges of global enterprises. FPX understands this and offers the only turnkey enterprise-class Configure-Price-Quote® (CPQ) solution that provides better, more effective ways for these companies to convert sales opportunities into orders. In doing so, Firepond by FPX offers immediate benefits that positively impact both top and bottom-line revenue including:


  • Eliminates quoting errors and write-downs
  • Eliminates concessions and labor costs to correct errors
  • Increases average deal size through guided selling
  • Governs discounting to improve profit margin integrity
  • Shortens the average sales cycle with faster quotes and automated proposal generation
  • Eliminates revenue delays
  • Increases customer loyalty by improving the overall buying experience

Firepond by FPX is based on FPX’s flagship CPQ OnDemand® application, which enables sales personnel to easily configure, price and quote complex products. The difference between FPX and other vendors, is that only FPX has 30 years of CPQ domain expertise and the CPQ best practices that experience yields.

Unlike other CPQ vendors who charge large implementation fees, FPX has put the “best practices in the box” with prebuilt templates.  This gives FPX the ability to provision the implementation process into a fixed, turnkey service that takes subscribers into full production within two weeks, not several months.

In addition to a much shorter implementation cycle, Firepond by FPX eliminates hundreds of thousands of dollars in implementation costs, typically associated with complex CPQ deployments.


Even after three decades of success in the CPQ sector, innovation remains one of our cornerstones. We were first to bring a commercial CPQ product to market in 1983, and we were first-to-market with a cloud-based multi-tenant CPQ application. Now, FPX is first-to-market with a turnkey approach for provisioning CPQ implementation services for companies using Sales Cloud from Salesforce.

These innovations make Firepond by FPX the only serious choice for mid-size companies seeking a full CPQ solution that offers the following advantages:


  • Rapid Implementation

    With Firepond by FPX, there are no more long implementation projects, six-figure implementation bills or misaligned expectations. FPX provides a method to model your company’s intellectual property, data content and business rules so you can seamlessly configure, price and quote products and services.

    While other vendors offer SMB products with limited functionality, typically hidden behind words such as “light” or “express,” Firepond by FPX provides a serious CPQ solution featuring a complete, Salesforce-native modeling tool equipped with the flexibility to adapt to any organization’s product and service hierarchy, pricing requirements, and guided selling needs. In fact, once you provide your data and rules, you can be up and running with FPX’s CPQ solution within two weeks.


  • Better User Experiences

    FPX has invested substantially in R&D to ensure our solutions operate seamlessly in Salesforce. Firepond by FPX provides your direct and indirect sales channels with access to the tool via a familiar interface. This avoids the need of learning to navigate an entirely new system or bounce between CRM and CPQ systems to fulfill quoting processes.


  • Better and Faster Change Management

    Firepond by FPX enables companies to make changes to pricing, product data and business rules, then rapidly publish updates to sales channels, all without the need for IT assistance. Where other CPQ vendors may not support changes, or they require re-writing or coding, testing and publishing cycles that may take weeks or months, FPX empowers product experts or managers to easily manage product and price changes.

    See for yourself how your company can improve your current Configure-Price-Quote business processes with a private demonstration of Firepond by FPX.

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