Firepond by FPX

Firepond by FPX

Firepond by FPX™ is the only Configure-Price-Quote® (CPQ) solution that offers best-in-class functionality for a fixed-cost.  Even better, FPX provides a turnkey implementation in just two-weeks.  FPX leverages 30-years of CPQ experience and puts these best practices “in the box,” so your company can automate time-consuming steps in the sales process, increasing productivity, average deal size, and overall profitability.

Features & Benefits
  • Provides full enterprise functionality, not a "lite" or "express" solution
  • Enables small and midmarket companies to configure and price sales orders instantly and accurately
  • Eliminates quoting errors and write-downs
  • Eliminates concessions and labor costs to correct errors
  • Increases average deal size through guided selling
  • Governs discounting to improve profit margin integrity
  • Shortens the average sales cycle with faster quotes and automated proposal generation
  • Eliminates revenue delays
  • Increases customer loyalty by improving the overall buying process
  • Two-week implementation with FPX's Sign and Go-live™ implementation approach
  • Fixed-cost packages available for as few as 10 user seats

Our Customers Say

"The quotation process at Key Technology is very complex due to our highly customizable equipment and sales methodology.  We evaluated several automated quote solutions and, ultimately, selected Firepond by FPX™.  FPX stood out due to their integrity, desire to partner with Key to improve our processes, and expertise in the CPQ marketplace."

Senior Salesforce System Analyst
Key Technology

Our Customers