We Are FPX

Our business transforms business.

In 1983, we pioneered sales force automation. Then, we invented Configure-Price-Quote®. Now, our Predictive Applications™ streamline sales of complex product lines, for greater accuracy and improved efficiencies, in less time. We help companies confidently and securely manage sophisticated business processes in the Cloud. We impose structure on Big Data, harness it for insights and make it actionable at all points of the interaction process. With our applications, businesses achieve tangible success by simplifying their sales processes. When companies are easier to buy from, they sell more – and increase customer satisfaction, trust, and brand loyalty.

No one does what FPX does.

For many companies, daily business is a tangle of inefficient manual processes and disconnected technology tools, transacted in the space between Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Compounding the situation is the mysterious chaos called Big Data – within which are locked awe-inspiring opportunities for accelerating revenue recognition and optimizing efficiencies. FPX solutions are based on market-proven Smart Applications, which leverage your existing systems and embedded assets to transform the way you acquire new customers, retain existing ones and deliver new products and services.

A full suite of applications, fully integrated to support your business.

Our Predictive Applications are available as an integrated suite of applications to support any straight-through business process or as individual Smart Applications, which also act as stand-alone applications with best-in class functionality.

Our FPX Predictive Applications portfolio includes:

Configure-Price-Quote® (CPQ)

Predictive Analytics

Multi-channel Management

Contract Management

Renewal/Retention Management, and

FPX Marketplace for e-commerce


Deep vertical expertise.

Our Predictive Applications are also available bundled with industry-specific data models and reporting templates for specific sectors, eliminating the need to customize applications. Out of the box, our solutions are relevant to your business and industry:

Healthcare Insurance

Automotive and Transportation

High-Tech Manufacturing

Med-Tech Manufacturing and Life Sciences

A heritage of thought leadership.

We believe that innovation helps our customers overcome their business challenges. Throughout our thirty-year history, we have invested over $200 million in R&D, including more than 30% of our gross income each year to advance mature product lines. Our product strategy has enabled FPX to achieve more than 90% customer retention, each year – a benchmark like no other in the industry.

We differentiate ourselves with the right products, the best people with deep domain experience and guidance from industry-leading customers. Only FPX can bring this level of products, service, knowledge and experience to each and every client engagement. Only FPX can deliver such high-impact business results. Only we are FPX.

Transform your business with what you already have. Imagine your business,
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